Advantages of Branding Name Tags to Your Business

Branding name tags are one of the many tools that business owners or entrepreneurs use in promoting their services or products. First off, they solidify communication between business workers and their clients. At the same time, they are worthwhile items for business events which include foundation days, conferences, and product/service launchings. Regardless of how you want to utilize these name tags, they bring a lot of benefits to the table.


Practical usage of name tags can be observed in retail stores, restaurants, and supermarkets. They are utilized for quick identification of salespersons who look after the needs of clients. Most of the time, first names of workers are printed clearly on the name tags. At the same time, they carry sales messages in a creative approach.

Through the use of name tags, those who take part in events can be quickly identified from those who don’t. First names of participants are clearly printed in big fonts compared to their company’s trademark logo and name. The design of the badge reflects the theme deployed in the event.

Such items are considered to be highly cost efficient promotional tools you can make the most of. Manufacturing them in large amounts will get you even bigger discounts. Distributing your branded name tags shows to the world how genuine your business is. [Read more…]

What Makes Name Tags Unique in Business Functions

With immense competition left and right, businesses are on a constant lookout when it comes to finding feasible solutions that would make their business thrive further. And since success is what every business owner desire, they’ve come around to discover how important name tags are in their everyday business functions.

Name tags are basically labels that feature the name of the wearer. In businesses where customer help service is of big importance, the tags are critically essential. In most cases, it would feature the business name, trademark logo, and the designation of the individual putting on the name tag. Aside from the corporate world, name tags are now making a splash in different working industries such as retail stores, restaurants, and hotels. At present, any business function that involves the market conclude that name tags have a number of benefits.

For big time businesses, name tags serves as a medium to facilitate a conversation between workers. A success of a business is typically influenced through name tags since people aren’t familiar with each other much or don’t know each other well to begin with. This is a typical case of big businesses where workers are sprawled in different departments. If your workers are expected to collaborate in specific projects, knowing each other’s names will be challenging especially for major corporations. [Read more…]

Why nametags are important for first impressions

Nametags can be in form of a badge or sticker. They appear on a person’s clothing or uniform because they are supposed to seen by other people3238285093_ddf6efdb8f_b in order for the person to be identified by them. Nametags are used to display a person’s name and position. They indicate the department and level of authority a person has in a particular organization. This helps summarize a person’s role in the organization. Nametags can be permanent or temporary this is entirely dependent on the scenarios. They are temporary in the case of an event such as a seminar or reunion where people are given nametags to identify them. They are permanent when a person is employed in a particular place hence they are used to help employees and employers identify each other easily.

Nametags are a presentable part of a person’s uniform or attire. This is because they represent a person’s authority and the position they hold in a particular field. This is seen in fields such as medicine, armed forces and corporate organisations where nametags display the person’s qualifications. They are important tin creating a first impression because they show a person’s level of authority as well as academic prowess. This is seen when individuals are viewed in a positive way because of nametags such as Professor, General, Doctor and Honourable. Nametags are a simple way of declaring a person’s authority and achievements because they are a clear indication that can be seen by other people. [Read more…]

Career as a Dialysis Technician

For those who are considering a career in medicine and want to try it out before committing to it full time, a career as a dialysis technician might be the answer. Many people commit to it long-term as well, and that in itself could be very profitable. If you’re interested in knowing about what exactly they do, what the requirements are to become a dialysis technician and want more to know more about their salary information, this article will guide you.

dialysis technician careerWhat does a dialysis technician do?

A dialysis technician helps out those people who have kidney issues and have to undergo the 4 hour dialysis treatments. It is a technician’s job to attend to the patient before, during and after the procedure. They ensure that the patients are comfortable and are also responsible for cleaning and maintaining the machines that are used during the dialysis treatment.

How and why should you become a dialysis technician?

Not only will a career as a dialysis technician give you a closer view of the medical industry, but you will also receive tremendous self-satisfaction by helping other people. If you’re a compassionate person who enjoys looking after other people, this might be a good career option for you. You need about a year or a year and a half to complete training, and to begin, you need a minimum of a high school degree or an equivalent.

You can then either choose to train at a vocational school, a state college, or a community college.  Keep in mind that no matter where you train, the dialysis technician training program must be accredited. Once you have completed your training, you will then be required to meet the certification requirements in order to legally begin work.

Certification can be attained at both national and state levels. State certification varies from state to state, but all state level certifications require you to take an exam. As for the national certification, dialysis technicians are expected to work in a specific organization for a period of time and then to pass an exam.

Wage levels

There isn’t much to say about their salary information. Their wages depend on various factors, as such as the location and state that they work in and the amount of experience that they have. It is only obvious that dialysis technicians working in big hospitals will earn more than those that work in outpatient clinics, but the level of experience is also a huge determinant in their salary levels.

The lowest 10% earn around $12.82 per hour, while the highest 10% earn approximately $32.29 per hour or more. This level varies from state to state, but the average amount that a technician makes is around $19.57 per hour.

Bottom Line

For those considering a career in medicine, becoming a dialysis technician could be a good option. It is a rewarding job, as it allows you to look after people, and if you happen to be a compassionate person who enjoys helping others, this could be the career for you.

Importance of Name Tags in the Financial Services Industry

Whether you’re running a bank or managing your own payroll service company, wearing a name tag is a must. While name tags or name badges are less popular today than they once were, they are still considered a significant part of any business. People today are so cautious about strangers, and if your business or your employees are not known in the community, people will less likely to obtain your service. From security to marketing your brand, name tags provide a myriad of advantages to your business. Check out these reasons why you need to start considering the use of name tags.

name tag

To help your employees know each other

This is perhaps the most obvious reason why name tags have been recommended to use in office settings. This is especially true in larger corporations where there are many different departments and office sections. In larger companies, people have a difficult time to remember everyone’s name, especially those who are newly hired. Name tags help employees in different departments build a strong relationship with others.

To help your customers identify your employees

If you require your employees to wear name badges, it becomes easy for your customers to identify them. This helps avoid confusion, especially if you’re running a financial service firm, where people usually have questions or issues. If one of your customers suddenly has a concern, he or she will know exactly where to go for help.

To provide security in your office

Well, some business owners think that name badges are just for identity purposes, that’s why others take them for granted. But keep in mind that name tags do more than just identify employees. They also make offices and business establishments safe from fraudulent individuals. If all your employees are required to wear company name badges, it will be easy for you and for your staff to quickly identify who truly works in the office and who does not. Companies that own expensive equipment and deal with very sensitive information, such as payroll service firms, should utilize name tags for security purposes.

To build your business identity

And finally, name tags help increase brand recognition for your business, which is very crucial for business success. Name badges are actually an inexpensive and yet effective form of advertising. While name tags are typically required to use inside the office, they will inevitably get worn outside when employees take their lunches or go out to grab some quick snack. And since name badges are usually designed with company name, your company gets advertised every time these people go to the outside world. In fact, many companies require their employees to wear their badges in various events, including seminars, conferences, meetings, and promotional events.

Indeed, name badges are truly a great help for many businesses. So if your company is not yet using name badges, it’s time to consider it now! There are many stores out there that offer different name tag designs for businesses. Just do your research and you will eventually find the best store who can give you the best value for your budget.

Individual Trusteeship or Corporate Trusteeship – Which One for Your SMSF?

Self-managed super fund (SMSF) is a very popular type of superannuation. The main appeal of this type of super fund is the control that it gives people over their money. It is estimated that about 9 in every 10 SMSFs have individual trustees. This is in spite of the fact that corporate trustees often offer greater safety, just like nametags. You may ask why your SMSF should have a corporate trustee. Let’s have a look at some of the reasons.

Individual Trusteeship or Corporate Trusteeship


The main appeal of individual trusteeship is the ability to make cost savings. A trustee company or corporate trustee has fees and costs that must be taken care of annually. These costs are transferred to your fund when working with a corporate trustee. You are saved these costs when you use individual members as trustees.

Single-member fund

Members of a SMSF double as the trustees, provided you have more than one member. But if you have a single-member fund, you are required to appoint a second trustee. A corporate trustee offers you the only way out if you desire to have total control over your fund without needing to bring in an extra person. You are designated as the director of the fund.

Membership changes

It is a complicated process when SMSFs operate on the basis of individual trustees. This sort of arrangement could be quite costly if you need to change members and trustees for any reason. Since alteration of names will be involved, a new deed of appointment would be required and relevant organizations, including banks, will have to be notified. All these processes cost money and time. When a corporate trustee is involved, names of directors are simply changed, with relevant government agencies notified.


Directors or members of an SMSF enjoy limited liability under a corporate trusteeship. Provided you fulfill the duties expected of you as a director, your personal assets are spared if action is taken against the members of your SMSF for misuse of fund assets. This is not so with funds operating with individual trustees.

Trustee succession

As previously noted, SMSF are required to have at least two members for the same individuals to double as a trustee. This then means that the death or exit of a trustee may lead to the demise of a fund. If the minimum number of people required for individual trusteeship is not reached, a self-managed superannuation fund may have to pack up unless a plan for such possibility had already been drawn. When a self-managed super fund uses a corporate trustee, the likelihood of the fund continuing to operate when a member dies or exits is guaranteed.


Many lenders will need your SMSF to have a corporate trustee if your fund ever needs to borrow fund under a Limited Recourse Borrowing Arrangement. This is in spite of the fact that there is no legislation stipulating this as a requirement for borrowing.

Asset differentiation

The line between fund assets and personal assets may become blurred when SMSFs have individual trustees. The trustees may easily mingle fund assets with personal investments. A corporate trusteeship ensures that these investments are differentiated.

The use of a corporate trustee obviously offers great benefits and may be unavoidable for single-member SMSFs. However, ongoing administrative costs are more compared to individual trusteeship. The extra cost may likely be worth it in the long run. If you would rather not have a corporate trustee for a self managed superannuation fund, the assistance of a specialist will be greatly beneficial.

What You Need to Know About Tanning with Melanotan

Just like nametags, a tanned skin is distinctive. It sets you apart from the crowd and makes you to stand out. Little wonder then that many people are interested in having a tanned skin – a visit to a nearby beach may confirm this. But sun tanning comes with its risks due to the ultraviolet rays involved. Do you actually realize you can get the best tan with Melanotan? Read on to learn more.

What is Melanotan?

Melanotan is a special peptide used for stimulation of melanin production in the body. Melanin is usually activated after staying in the sun for some time, as a way of protecting the skin from ultraviolet ray damage by giving the skin a darker tan. Melanotan stimulates the production of this substance to give your skin a darker tan.

melanotan products

There are two types of Melanotan, namely: Melanotan-1 and Melanotan II. Melanotan was first synthesized by University of Arizona researchers who thought one of the best ways to combat development of skin cancer is by stimulating melanin production artificially rather than having to rely on potentially harmful ultraviolet rays to produce the substance. The two variants of this synthetic drug are now being widely used as tanning agents. The peptide offers people an easier and faster means to having a well-tanned skin.

Using Melanotan

Melanotan-1 and Melanotan II are available in powder form and are usually shipped in vials. The powder is mixed with liquid, such as bacteriostatic water, and the solution is administered through injection. These Melanotan injections are administered either subcutaneously or intramuscularly. The administration of this drug comes in two phases, namely: loading phase and maintenance phase. Doses that are higher than usual are used during loading phases for the effects of this synthetic hormone to become visible. Melanotan powder has to be stored in a freezer once it has been reconstituted. The synthetic hormone can degrade gradually when stored at room temperature, which explains why they are sometimes shipped in ice packs.

Why use Melanotan for tanning?

One reason you should consider using Melanotan-1 and Melanotan II if interested in achieving an attractive and better skin tan is that these hormones stimulate production of melanin easily. You can stay indoors and still attain in less time same results that would take several hours of tanning in the sun to pull off. Melanotan makes for an easier and quicker skin tan.

The use of Melanotan still requires exposure to sun or a tanning bed, which gives off ultraviolet rays, for you to get the best results out of the hormone. However, this exposure is way less when compared to sun tanning. People spend hours in the sun to have a darker tan, with this exposing them to adverse effects such as sunburn and skin cancer.

Melanotan is indeed worthy of consideration when thinking of having a darker, more attractive skin tan. Side effects such as nausea and male erections are likely to surface. It is an advisable thing to speak with a doctor when considering the use of Melanotan.

Important Things To Consider When Searching For A Bookkeeper In Melbourne

If you want to find a suitable bookkeeper in Melbourne then you should pay close attention to these suggestions.  There are many software applications available on the Internet that can help you keep track of your income and expenses but this software is not a substitute for a qualified bookkeeping expert who has been working in this field for a considerable number of years. Generally speaking you should try to find bookkeepers that have more than seven (7) years active experience, the more experience they have the more suitable they shoudld be.

searching for bookkeeper

There are many ways to locate these professionals, you could go on the Internet and conduct a simple search for “bookkeepers Melbourne” which should give you a comprehensive list of all bookkeeping firms on the Internet that offer their services in Melbourne or you could meet prospective firms in person. There are conventions held from time to time for bookkeeping professionals so you might consider going to one of these conventions and getting as many nametags as possible from the various bookkeepers at the convention. Go to professional websites like LinkedIn and look at the credentials of these Bookkeepers, do they have the minimum seven years experience ? If they do have the experience you should look for feedback made by individuals who have dealt with the professional in the last year or two.


By reading over all of the comments that were made it will give you the insight you need to pick the top bookkeepers in Melbourne based on their reputation but the process is not over yet. You will need to look at the fees

How To Properly Brand Your Company

In order for your business to achieve success you need to develop a branding strategy. The reason you need to invest time and resources into branding is to establish yourself as the dominant brand in the mind of potential customers. Let’s look at companies like McDonald’s, do they have the best hamburgers ? Chances are they do not but they have the best branding so whenever a person is thinking about getting a “hamburger” they will think about McDonald’s and that will lead to more selling opportunities. Look at McDonald’s everything from their television advertising to their name-tags are all designed with one purpose in mind, get you to think of them first whenever you want the product or service they are offering. Along with getting great looking name-tags you will also need to make videos that highlight your company and brand. These videos need to be professional looking so you must look for professional video production firms in your area.


After you have the names of each and every corporate video production company that is in your area you must visit their website and look over their portfolio to get some insight into their style and quality of work they are providing. Try to create a list of the top 20 or 30 video production firms that have produced videos in the same niche or industry you are currently in. Now that you know the names of these firms you can start reviewing each of them carefully to try and figure out who has the best offering. While you may be tempted to look at the prices being quoted right away you should visit the testimonial section and read over comments that were made by organizations that recently hired the corporate video production company you are screening. By reading over all of the comments that were made by these business owners you should be able to identify the firm that is clearly the top choice overall.

Once you have found the corporate video production company with the best track record you should meet with them in person to review your current needs and what you want to achieve with your campaign. After you have spoken with the production company they should have plan or script in mind to present to you for review. While reviewing these suggestions you should have all of the information you need to make an informed decision on whether to proceed with the proposed video or try something else. Since you are developing a brand you may need to come up with multiple plots within the same theme to help convey the message that your organization is the superior choice over everything else. By following these recommendations you should be able to make the right decision and hopefully establish your brand at the same time so go on the Internet right now and begin your due diligence.

How to Choose the Best Name Tag Designs?

name tagWith the constantly increasing competition in today’s market, advertising is becoming more and more important. Every company is looking for a unique strategy that will make each of them stand out in the crowd – from the traditional marketing methods, such as newspapers, television, and radio advertising, to the new-age marketing methods, such as web banner, mobile, blog, and social media advertising. But one familiar way of marketing that is becoming more trendy today is the use of name tags.

We all know that name tags are important for businesses and organizations as they help other people learn your name easily as well as your company’s. But of course, the use of name tags is more than just for identification purposes. Name badges also play an important role in enhancing your company’s image, inducing an effective communication, keeping your company secure, and making your employees feel more secured, respected, and confident. However, there are different kinds of name badges; and as a company owner, you should select the right design of name badge that will work best for your business. Here are some tips to help you decide the best name badge for your company:

Permanent or reusable?

The first important factor to consider when selecting a name tag is whether you need to get permanent or reusable name badges. If your company is hiring temporary staff, then reusable name tags are an ideal option. This will save your company thousands of dollars since reusable name tags can be used over and over again. However, if your company employs staff permanently, then it is recommended to go for permanent name tags.

Metal or plastic?

Once you’ve determined the type of name badge to use for your business, the next important matter to consider is the material of the name tag. When it comes to name tag materials, there are typically two choices: the metal and plastic name tags. Both offer versatility and a professional look, but metal badges are more popular today because they are more stylish and durable.

Pin or magnet?

Another important consideration to think about is whether you need pin or magnetic name badges. To make the selection process easier, determine the budget you have for this specific promotional project. If you are a small company and only have small budget, then pin metal budges are recommended. Since pin name badges are made from cheaper materials, they are likely more affordable than the metal ones. However, the downside is they are not as durable as the metal name tags and may need to be replaced more frequently. Magnetic name tags tend to last longer.

Other Important Considerations

Aside from the things mentioned above, there are other more important things to consider when choosing name tags. Of course, one of those things is fitting within your company’s nature or look. It is certainly a bad idea to select a design that is not suitable for your company’s image, like putting elaborated pictures of trees if your company is about digital products.

Another necessary consideration is to select the most appropriate fonts and colors that will easily attract people’s attention. One easy way to do this is matching it according to your company’s nature; for instance if you are in a woodworking business in Africa and have South African woodworkers, select colors that are associated with nature, such as brown, green, blue, or white. Choosing the right fonts and colors will provide a better appearance to your business.

So there you have it! If you’re running a business or an organization, considering these tips will help you decide the best name tags that you can use to help your business or organization grow.

“Hello ladies. Look at your man, now back to me, now back at your man, now back to me.” – Old Spice

Big_banksHave you seen that commercial yet? Maybe so, maybe, not; it’s been a short while since it ran. It’s a great commercial though. Good for a smile or a laugh most definitely. Nowadays you can find just about anything on the internet, so maybe one day when you’re doing some mindless browsing (Yes, you know you do, we all do Lord help us all.) Try and hunt it down. The commercial is mentioned here because it’s about getting attention drawn to the actor. Since we all can’t have our own commercial, that’s where Quality Name Tags comes in.

When you have a name tag, someone looks at you, looks at your name on a name tag, looks back at you and then knows who you are and how to address you properly. In just a look they have all the information they need, such as what name you go by, or what department you work in and such. “I’m on a horse.” Sorry, just watched the commercial again. Look at the commercial, now back to this site, now back at the commercial, now back to this site. It’s not hard to find it, and it’s funny. Guaranteed to make you smile, even if it’s just on the inside.

With a name tag from Quality Name Tags, you can make yourself known simply and easily with just a glance at you. Your name tag, for instance, might have the company’s logo on it along with your name and department that you work. Any information you wish can be added to the name tag to identify you, your company, and more.

Maybe you’re in a bookstore browsing around for some easy low carb desserts to make at home. You see someone walking down the aisle in your direction. With just a look, you see that their name is Christopher, and he is a Customer Service Assistant. Just by his name tag, you know that if he doesn’t approach you first, you can excuse yourself and ask Christopher for help, even addressing him by his name. By wearing the correct tag, you have successfully identified someone who can help you find a cookbook to help you make some scrumptious yet easy low carb desserts.

You could even find yourself in one of those super gargantuan grocery stores where you can find anything and everything you may ever want to cook with; except what you need. The store is huge, yet you can weed out people who work there because they are all wearing name tags with the company logo on it. You feel comfortable when you see the tag in asking them where you can find the healthier cereals section.

Wearing a name tag gives customers confidence in knowing that they are dealing with someone in the company that knows their business. Even if they are in another department, you know they’ll be able to guide you to someone who can help you. A name tag lets your employees be easily recognized and other information that can help the customer. Make your employees presence known in your company by providing them with an efficient way to let customers know who they can turn to. Quality Name Tags provide you reasons with how important the simple addition of a name tag can be.




Would name tags for your staff improve your business?

tag for staffMany companies often fail to realize the importance a name tag can play within a company, especially if you work with the general public. Name tags allow people to see who is who and also and it also looks very professional. There is nothing more annoying than trying to find your way around a department store and not be able to find a salesperson to help you as they are hard to identify. Take a look at some great reasons why name tags within your company could really help improve your business and staff morale.

Build a professional identity

If all the members of your team are wearing name badges with the same design on them you will be surprised how quickly your company will build an identity where perhaps you become noticed because of a color or a logo on your name tags. Name tags give the image of a professional team and whether you are selling blenders 101 or accountancy services you will still give that image to your clientele.

All staff members can identify each other

If you have a large business this can be quite important and especially so for new members of staff. Large department stores or big offices can have vast numbers of staff and there is nothing worse than wandering around wasting time having to look for a staff member that you are not familiar with. A simple name tag will make this job a lot easier, therefore saving time and making things a lot more cost and time effective.

Clients appreciate knowing who they are dealing with

It is very true that clients feel a lot safer buying a product or a service if they feel they are more than just a number. When a client sees a name badge they can immediately put a face to the name and feel a sense of security that they can identify a person. This helps should the client return back to your company and can ask directly for the member of staff that dealt with them. Name tags will give the client a bit more intimacy and make them feel a bit more special. It is surprising how many clients state that they prefer knowing a staff members name if they are buying goods or services.

It builds staff morale

When staff wear a uniform they feel a sense of belonging and this is true of a name tag. A name tag is also a lot cheaper than supplying a uniform to all staff members but the effects are the same, your team member will feel important and that they belong to the company. It’s important for your staff to feel they are part of something as they will build a unity amongst them during working hours. This means you will get staff that will always do their best so they do not let other team members down. This will mean less sick days and more productivity.

As you can see from above there are many reasons why your company could benefit from a name tag and why this simple solution will improve the daily running and productivity of your business.

Monograms: Your Alternate to Name Tags

Planning to start up your own clothing line? That is great news. Owning a clothing brand is very advantageous, as it can help you to redefine you and your uniqueness through your style and fashion. But if you want to survive the competitive market in the world of fashion, then popularizing your brand should be your first priority. And how can you do that? You can easily do it by using business name tags. But are you bored of those orthodox, way-too-formal name tags? Then we have a solution for that as well, and that is-Monograms! Yes, you saw it right. Monogram-printed clothing is not only chic and stylish, but can also act as your business name tag.

monograms example

Why Use a Monogram?

A monogram is a pattern produced by combining two or more letters together to form one symbol. They usually consist of the initials of a person or a company, used as a logo. Monograms are mainly a variation of the first, middle and the last name of the individual or the company.

Monograms have made marks throughout history. They were previously used in coins as a symbol of aristocracy. And, during the Middle Ages, personal monograms were used by artisans as signatures. But in the present day, monograms act as a charming way of bringing luxury to your everyday life. They help you to tell a story about you.Modern day monograms comes in various styles, from classic to modern. Today, custom monogrammed scarves, apparels, bags, accessories, hats, hoodies, etc. can givean added touch of elegance and class to your sense of fashion.

The Basics About Monograms

While designing your monogram, the sky is the limit.There are no specific rules and regulations for doing so. But here are a few instructions that can make your designing easier:

  • In the traditional 3-letter monogram, the last name initial is placed at the center with a large font, flanked by the first and middle initials in smaller
  • The modern version of 3-letter monogram follows first, middle and last initials in order and in the same size
  • The 2-letter monogram uses the first and last name initials
  • The single-letter monogram only uses the last name initial

How to Create YOwn Monogram?

With numerous software available now, producing your own monogram is not much of a biggie. The following are some basic guidelines to help you get started:

  • Preview the letters you are going to use in your monogram thoroughly if you want to download them from a website
  • Open the Microsoft Word and type in the three letters that you want your monogram to consist
  • With tons of fonts available, choose the right one for your monogram
  • Make the second letter twice as big as the first and the third letter
  • Play with color and make your monogram chic and attractive. But keep in mind the purpose you are using it for
  • You can also download cool borders, calligraphy swashes, lines, labels, frames or other ornaments and add them to your monogram

So now you know that monogramming is another way of promoting your business, rather than using the conventional name tags. So wait no more and create your own monogram, if you want world class and elegant decorating alternatives for your clothes and apparel.