About Quality Name Tags

Welcome to Quality Name Tags – we are here to provide you with the best possible name tags for your employees and clients at a great price. We know that some see name tags as unnecessary, but we think it’s just the opposite. They are great ice breakers and will help people that you are talking with learn a bit more about you.

Our name tags do not simply have your name on them – we have many different name tags for different purposes. For example our name tags for conferences have a large place for your custom stickers. Often, organizations sponsoring the conference make stickers for the name tags that have areas of interest for the name tag wearer. Many have a section for things the wearer uses frequently at work or knows a lot about, and an area for things that the user would like to learn more about. This will make it much easier for people to get more out of your event – they can simply seek out the people who have experience in the area that they are interested in and go strike up a conversation with them.

We have had numerous conference organizers say that this was one of the most helpful features of their conference, and it helped the attendees get way more out of the conference than they would have otherwise.

This isnt the only solution we offer, and if you have a great idea for name tags at your next conference or show, give us a shout and let us know – we would love to work with you.